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Recent Testimonials

February, 2014

Pacific Beach Village Association

I’m writing on behalf of all new members of Pacific Beach Village Association, from the bottom of our hearts... We would like to take this moment to thank Dean E. Smart, Esq in assisting us on HOA project.


We are very delighted with the presentation and especially appreciated all the email, the phone calls and keeping us update and verifying by double checking with us before election night. All are greatly applicative.


You don't really know how it feel when they pronouns new members of directors for PBVA. We are very HAPPY! Thanks to you!


February, 2014 

Janet, a Real Estate client

Dean Smart was able to come to my defense with a home foundation slope slippage problem within our condo complex which the HOA kept insisting it was not their responsibility to fix this. Dean was very thorough in his investigating and getting to the root of the problem which put the responsibility back on the HOA. Even though this resulted in a lawsuit against the HOA and handled through mediation, Dean was able to get the positive outcome for me. He tackled the issues quickly and was very knowledgeable about HOA vs Homeowner rights. I thoroughly recommend Dean Smart for any issues arising with HOAs or with real estate in general. Thanks Dean!


January 2014

Carol, a Lawsuits & Disputes client

Dean E. Smart did a careful, detailed evaluation of a ruling against me made by my HOA Board of Directors. He produced a highly detailed legal document which outlined factual/legal information in a logical, methodical brief which determined that I was following the CC&R's correctly. 

I contacted Mr. Smart through his website and was given a very fair quote which he adhered to even though the case became more time consuming than originally assumed. He explained to me that he would not know the result until he studied it. I appreciated his honesty as well as his promptness in working on my case. Communication went well via e-mail. 

Mr. Smart is the second attorney who worked on my case. The first was helpful, however, I realized that a specialist in HOA disputes might be better, hence I contacted Mr. Smart. His reasoning, attention to legal detail, and knowledge of HOA law came to the rescue. I strongly recommend his services.


December,  2013

A Lawsuits & Disputes client

I was in a long (over 1 year) and frustrating battle with my HOA. When I could no longer fight for myself, I wrote to Dean Smart and received advice within 1 day. After consultation, Dean put a reasonable plan together to counter all the HOA arguments. The HOA would not give in! I was ready to give in myself. Dean continued to push and after 6 months of debating, Dean won the case! I felt that Dean fought for me as if he was a family friend and would not give up until I was satisfied. In fact, when Dean received several emotional emails from me regarding the HOA's continued resistance, I would receive logical and precise strategies to each and every concern I had! Very hard to find the qualities that Dean brings to the table in time of need. If you are struggling with your HOA, do not hesitate to retain Dean's services!! Highly recommended!!


August, 2013

A Lawsuits & Disputes client

I live in a 2-unit townhouse and discovered late last year that I have termites. I submitted a termite report to my HOA and the Board refused to pay for eradication based on the policy in the CC&Rs stating that owners are responsible for 1 unit. I could not find this policy in the CC&Rs. Regardless, the HOA stood strong that this was the policy. Not only did the Board want me to pay for my home (1 unit) but for my adjoining neighbor since she was unwilling to pay. I repeatedly asked for proof of this policy with no luck. After weeks of frustration, I contacted Dean and he was able to provide great advice which led to a victory. If you have any issues with your HOA, I would high!y recommend Dean Smart. He definitely fights for the voice that cannot or will not be heard by the ever so powerful HOA. Thanks Dean!


February, 2013

Cheriyon, a Real Estate client

Dean Smart is amazing! I found him online and I honestly feel he was heaven sent. I sought council prior to him and was given the run around so by the time I met with Dean i had no expectation and was honestly hopeless. So in meeting Dean, from the beginning he was honest, straight to the point and really listened to me and my concerns. As mentioned, my previous attorney took advance of my age and ignorance so I was completely apprehensive in consulting another attorney but after my first meeting with Dean Smart, I knew I had finally made a "smart" decision. He was thorough, forthcoming, knowledgeable, considerate, honest, prompt, and his judgement of outcomes were spot on!! I recommend Dean wholeheartedly!! He is not only a wonderful man but a fantastic attorney and I can only hope that he is able to make a positive difference in the lives of others as he has in mine!! Words cannot express my gratitude for his advice and services am forever grateful to him and his team! Thank you Dean Smart, you are and will continue to be a blessing from above!!!


January, 2013

Jean, a Construction client

He was very pleasant, and easy to work with. It took a short amount of time to come to some sort of conclusion, and I felt his pricing was very fair. The nicest person