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Conflict Resolution for Businesses, Associations & Homeowners

Orange County Homeowners Association Attorney Dean Smart has been helping Homeowners Associations as well as property owners since 1987.

Attorney Smart is dedicated to assisting with the needs of HOAs and homeowners and offering expert legal counsel. Orange County Attorney Dean E. Smart’s 25-year legal career has secured him the recognition as Orange County’s most respected Homeowners Association Attorneys.

Whether you are acting on behalf of an HOA or are a homeowner, contact Orange County Homeowners Association Attorney Dean E. Smart at 715-9300 (area code 949) now for a no charge consultation.

Attorney Dean Smart is an extremely result-oriented and successful attorney, offering expert representation to his clients in multiple areas of practice:

Architectural Approval: Orange County HOA Attorney Dean E. Smart assists homeowners when they submit applications for Architectural Committee Approval, and also affords counsel to HOA Board Members needing advice with decision making when approving or denying said homeowner applications for property changes.

Board and Member Meetings: If you believe your homeowners association is violating meeting requirements, call Orange County Attorney Smart. Attorney Smart also offers assistance to HOAs in need of information regarding maintaining compliance when Board and/or Member meetings are held.

Bylaws and CC&Rs: When you are in need of advice, representation, guidance, drafting, and amending  of CC&Rs and/or HOA Bylaws, or for the enforcement of CC&Rs and/or Bylaws for both HOAs and property owners, call Orange County HOA Attorney Dean E. Smart at (949) 715-9300.

Owner/HOA Disputes: Contact Orange County HOA Attorney Dean E. Smart for a no charge consultation when you need information regarding dispute resolution services between Homeowners Assoc. and property owners.  

HOA Collections: Call Orange County HOA Attorney Dean E. Smart when you need advice about property owners in default, and/or advice on collecting delinquent HOA assessments and fees.   

Repair & Maintenance: For advice regarding who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of dwellings and common areas, or for litigation representation when parties cannot resolve a repair/maintenance dispute, contact Orange County Homeowners Association Attorney Dean E. Smart.

Neighborhood Disputes: Call Orange County Attorney Smart for advice and/or representation in disputes between neighbors regarding responsibility for property lines, property damage, and other arguments involving neighbors.

Orange County Homeowners Association Attorney Dean Smart offers knowledgeable, no-nonsense legal counsel to both homeowners associations and property owners. We have the necessary skills to assist you in resolving your disputes expediently and efficiently.

Please call Dean E. Smart, Attorney for Orange County Homeowners Association, at 715-9300 (area code 949) for immediate help.