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Conflict Resolution for Businesses, Associations & Homeowners

Newport Beach Homeowners Association Attorney Dean Smart has been representing property owners and homeowners associations for over 25 years. With an earned reputation as a top Orange County HOA Law Office, the Law Firm of Dean E. Smart is committed to providing a cost-effective, high quality representation to those involved in HOA disputes of all kinds.

Call Newport Beach HOA Lawyer Dean E. Smart at 715-9300, (area code 949) today and arrange for a free consultation with our experienced Homeowners Association Lawyer.

Because the laws governing Homeowners Associations are continually evolving, it is crucial for you to have an experienced HOA Lawyer to handle disputes and provide skilled guidance on matters relating to the Davis-Stirling Act (California Civil Code §§ 1350 – 1378).  

We have served clients in Newport Beach and surrounding communities since 1987, and we have extensive experience representing both Property Owners and Homeowners.

Attorney Smart is a results-oriented, successful HOA Attorney, who proudly offers legal representation for both parties involved in a wide range of matters concerning HOA Law:

Architectural Approval: Newport Beach Homeowners Association Attorney Dean E. Smart provides assistance to those parties wishing to submit their application for Architectural Approval. We also offer guidance for Homeowners Associations that need to make a decision on the approval or denial of an Architectural Approval submission.

Board Meetings and Member Meetings: There are specific guidelines mandated by the Davis-Stirling Act concerning requirements for the holding of open/closed Board of Director Meetings and voting policies. If you believe your HOA may be violating requirements, please contact Newport Beach Homeowners Association Lawyer Dean Smart at 715-9300, (area code 949), for advice and information regarding Board and Member Meeting guidelines.

Bylaws and CC&Rs: HOA Attorney Smart provides experienced legal representation for those needing assistance with the drafting, amending, interpreting, and enforcing of HOA Bylaws and CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions).

HOA / Homeowner Disputes: Contact the Law Office of Newport Beach HOA Lawyer Smart at 715-9300 (area code 949) for your initial, no-cost consultation if you are engaged in a dispute against your Homeowners Association or separate interest property owner.

HOA Collections: HOA Attorney Dean E. Smart is ready to provide aggressive and effective legal representation for both Property Owners facing fees and HOAs with assessment disputes.

Maintenance and Repair: Which party is responsible for repairs when damages occur? Often these cases become complicated quickly due to the involvement of several property owners or if the damage is to communal property. Call Newport Beach HOA Lawyer Dean Smart for assistance with repair/maintenance legal disputes.

Neighbor Disputes: We provide legal assistance to HOAs mediating neighbor disputes and also to property owners who have a conflict with a neighbor.

Newport Beach Homeowners Association Attorney Dean Smart provides experienced, skilled legal counsel for Board Members and property owners. Lawyer Smart will help you effectively and quickly resolve your legal dispute.

For immediate assistance, call Newport Beach Homeowners Association Attorney Dean Smart at 949-715-9300.