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Conflict Resolution for Businesses, Associations & Homeowners

You are Welcome at the Law Office of HOA Lawyer Dean E. Smart. Coto de Caza Homeowners Association Attorney Smart provides experienced legal counsel to Homeowners Associations and property owners.

Over the past twenty-five years, Coto de Caza Lawyer Dean Smart has earned his stellar reputation by offering quality expertise for homeowners and HOAs and has become one of this regions most skilled Homeowners Association Attorneys.

If you own your home or are a representative for the interests of an HOA, call Coto de Caza Homeowners Association Lawyer Dean Smart at 949-715-9300 and schedule your no-cost consultation today.

Attorney Dean E. Smart is results-oriented and highly successful. Mr. Smart offers professional legal representation and counsel in the following practice areas:

Architectural Approval:  Coto de Caza Homeowners Association Lawyer Dean Smart provides guidance for HOA Administrators and Board Members who are seeking advice regarding decisions to approve or deny an application by a homeowner who intends to make changes to their property. Attorney Smart also advises property owners who are preparing to submit applications concerning Architectural Approval.

Board and Member Meetings: If you have reason to believe that your HOA is in violation of meeting requirements, you need to contact Coto de Caza Homeowners Association Lawyer Dean E. Smart. It is mandatory for HOAs to stay compliant. We can offer assistance to HOAs about the holding of Member and Board meetings.

CC& Rs and Bylaws: When you need assistance in enforcing the bylaws or CC&Rs for Homeowners Associations and property owners, call Coto de Caza HOA Lawyer Dean Smart at 949-715-9300. We will also offer counsel, guidance and representation for the drafting and amending of CC&Rs and HOA Bylaws.

HOA & Owner Disputes: Contact Coto de Caza HOA Attorney Dean Smart to receive information regarding conflict resolution assistance for conflicts between the property owner and the Homeowners Association. We offer free consultations.

HOA Collections: If you need assistance in collecting late HOA assessments and fees, contact Coto de Caza Lawyer Dean Smart. We also offer advice to those property owners who are in default.

Maintenance and Repair: When you are experiencing difficulty in resolving the financial responsibility for the repair and maintenance of homes, common areas, or other structures, Coto de Caza Homeowners Association Attorney Dean Smart can help. In addition, Lawyer Smart will offer litigation representation for parties who are unable to come to a resolution regarding maintenance and repair issues.

Neighbor Disputes: Lawyer Dean Smart provides legal assistance for those involved in conflicts among neighbors. These arguments often involve a disagreement over which party is financially responsible for property damages, property lines and other arguments.

The office of Coto de Caza Homeowners Association Lawyer Dean Smart,  has the necessary and appropriate skills that will help bring your matters to a resolution that is amicable, efficient and expedient. We will provide educated legal advice for property owners and homeowners associations.

For immediate assistance, call Dean Smart, Attorney for Coto de Caza Homeowners Association, at 949-715-9300.