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Conflict Resolution for Businesses, Associations & Homeowners

Costa Mesa Homeowners Association (HOA) Lawyer Dean E. Smart has been providing skilled legal representation to both homeowners associations and individual homeowners in a broad range of homeowners association conflicts and disputes for 25 years.

Call Costa Mesa Homeowners Association Attorney Dean E. Smart at (949) 715-9300 today to arrange a free consultation with one of Orange County’s leading Homeowners Association Lawyers. In practice since 1987, Costa Mesa HOA Lawyer Dean Smart has been dedicated to providing clients quality, cost-effective legal advice and representation.

California’s Davis-Stirling Act governs a vast majority of matters relating to Homeowners Associations and other CIDs (common interest developments). Homeowners Association cases can become extremely complicated, and it is imperative that you hire a highly experienced Homeowners Association Attorney when disputes arise.

Costa Mesa HOA Lawyer Dean E. Smart provides advice regarding the obligations, rights and duties of HOAs and property owners bound by CC&Rs and Bylaws. Homeowners Association Lawyer Dean Smart offers representation to HOAs, Board Members and homeowners in the following areas of practice:

Architectural Approval:Advice re: providing or denying architectural approval and assistance to homeowners filling out the appropriate application for architectural approval to change or modify the property.

Board & Member Meetings: – Compliance with California’s Davis-Sterling Act with respect to procedures for holding Board & Member meetings and help for property owners who believe their HOA is in violation of the controlling documents.

CC&Rs and Bylaws: – Advice drafting, reviewing and interpreting CC&Rs and Bylaws. Representation provided to HOAs and property owners.

HOA / Owner Disputes: – Quality, persistent representation of parties involved in Homeowners Association / property owner disputes.

HOA Collections: – Collection of delinquent homeowners association fees and assessments and advice to homeowners in default.

Maintenance & Repair: – Professional representation and advice regarding responsibility for maintenance and repair of privately held common interest development properties and common areas.

Neighbor Disputes: – Resolution of neighbor disputes regarding property damage and boundary disputes.

Costa Mesa HOA Attorney Dean Smart proudly offers skilled and knowledgeable advice and representation to both Homeowners Association Boards and homeowners.

For immediate assistance, call (949) 715-9300 to set up a free initial consultation.